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The Opening Ceremony of the First Proving ground in Chinese Transmission Industry

In order to meet the demand of the vehicle test in terms of calibration and matching, SAGW spent 13.5 months fully benchmarking the requirements of the proving grounds in vehicle enterprises such as the proving ground of SAIC-GM in Guangde and SAIC Volkswagen in Anting. An area of 26,450 square meters for the first proving ground of transmission industry in China was built. Over 100 people, including party leaders, unit leaders and employees of relevant functional departments attended the opening ceremony of the SAGW proving ground.

On the ceremony, with a round of applause, 15 experimental vehicles which carried self-owned brand transmission of the company were driven on all kinds of specialized tracks, indicating the rapid leaping development of the company. It is reported that the function of this proving ground which has various kinds of tracks corresponds to the German GIF proving ground. It will meet the demand of transmission tests in vehicle mode.

On one hand, the automobile road test plays an important role in the process of the vehicle development. On the other hand, it is one of the hardware protections of transmission for which to match the whole vehicle, so that the shift quality and comprehensive performances can be improved. The professional proving ground is an important link of the design and development for transmission. It is also the indispensable equipment of performance testing and calibration for all kinds of transmissions. The opening of the proving ground indicates that the company has the basic means of the vehicle road testing. It has an important influence on shortening product lead time and improving the market competitiveness.

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