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Forging Forming
Process Warm forging and controlled cooling of gears and shafts
Equipment MME 2000, PK2500 forging line
Introduction 900-950℃ warm forging technology used on gears, decarburization 0.05mm on forgings, controlled cooling process to avoid normalization process
Process Monoblock film treatment and cold forging
Equipment Forging line for dog gears
Introduction Monoblock filming technology used, runout of forged dog gears 0.06mm max., cold forging datum consistent with machining datum
Process Cold extrusion of shafts
Equipment MML 1250 extrusion line
Introduction Cold extrusion process used on shafts at multiple work station, runout of extruded shafts 0.50mm max. and machining allowance at one side 0.75mm
Process Isothermal normalizing
Equipment Isothermal normalizing line
Introduction Isothermal normalizing at controlled atmosphere (0.3%wt carbon potential) to improve cold forging performance and avoid CO2 decarburization, as a result to restrict surface oxidation and non-martensite structure
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