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Caring Staff and Escorting Health


On May 3rd to 23rd, SAGW organized the 2017 Medical Examination for over 5000 employees in 15 batches, including retirees. This medical examination has 11 items, including internal medicine and surgery, B-scan ultrasonography, electrocardiogram, x-ray, blood pressure, blood routine examination and EENT.

With the high attention of company leaders and thoughtful arrangement of the labor union, detailed execution plan and the schedule of medical examination are made, in order for well organized work and medical examination and ensure the order and quality of examination. All departments also arranged the work in advance in order to get the early prevention and health supervision.

For years, SAGW always adheres to the people-oriented strategy and considers employees’ health condition as an important item of management. Annual medical examination enables employees to better know their health condition, raise their sense of belonging and happiness, and devote themselves to work with a healthy body and strong passion, which gives motivation to the transformation and development of the company.

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