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Mr. Chen Hong, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Committee of SAIC Group visited SAGW to give instructions

Mr. Chen Hong, chairman of the board and secretary of party committee of SAIC Group with his delegation visited SAGW for instructions and investigation on May 23rd. Mr. Chen was briefed about the report on product development, manufacturing capability, strategic planning and technological level by Mr. Qian Xiangyang, general manager of SAGW and had a plant tour at DCT plant and united plant accompanied by party and executive leadership of SAGW.

Mr. Chen highly appraised the staged achievements SAGW has made and requested SAGW to firmly grasp the trend of modular, electronic and integrated software by closely following the innovation and development strategy of SAIC Group, as well as to intensify the research and development on automatic transmission and new energy transmission. Meanwhile, SAGW is required to upgrade software capability and process level to highlight diversified competitiveness and promote sustainable development.

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