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ZFTS Signs A Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Project ZF8HP with SAIC MAXUS

On July 26th, 2017, ZFTS (ZF Transmission (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAIC MAXUS that ZFTS will provide ZF 8-speed automatic transmission (8HP50) to full series of vehicles with longitudinally-mounted transmissions. This strategic alliance will bring resource sharing and scale advantage to both sides, as well as enhance market influence.

 Lan Qingsong, vice president of SAIC MOTOR, Zhao MaoQing, vice executive general manager of BU of SAIC Commercial Vehicle, Yang Hanling, vice general manager of BU of SAIC Commercial Vehicle, and Qian Xiangyang, general manager of SAGW and president of ZF attended the ceremony.

The strategic cooperation agreement consolidates a good relationship between both sides. Under the advantage of resource sharing, it enables the companies to utilize the development opportunity and exploit the innovative potentiality of automatic transmissions. Next, the two companies will set a goal of joint development and work out an innovative solution based on the market demand in order to adapt well to the ever-changing ecosystem of vehicle industry.

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