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ICFG Visited and Communicated with SAGW

SAGW forging factory was completed and put into operation in 2015. The factory, equipped with world's advanced forging equipment - three flexible forging lines, is responsible for the forging process of all gears and shafts for manual transmission and DCT. The factory takes a leading position domestically especially in terms of production output and manufacturing precision of parts such as dog gears and cold extrusion shafts and enjoys a good reputation in the same industry at home and abroad.

On September 6, professor of Materials Institute of Jiaotong University and more than 60 famous experts from the cold forging industry of various countries visited SAGW. During the period, the guests communicated with the forging experts of SAGW and gave a high compliment on warm forging and cold extrusion technologies. They also gave a high evaluation on the high automatic level of production line and the management ability of lean production.

SAGW will continue to go forward hand in hand with peers at home and abroad, and work together to promote the innovation and improvement of the cold forging technology with the help of ICFG.

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