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SAGW Held Blood Donation Activity2017

On October 19th, more than 300 employees from SAGW gathered at Jiading blood station to take part in the annual voluntary blood donation activities organized by SAGW labor union. They showed their respect to the 19th CPC National Congress by their acts of compassion.

The employees who took part in blood donation rolled up their sleeves to have their blood conveyed into blood bottle. The "love ambassadors" -- leaders from various departments concerned about the employees who have just finished blood donation, held them up, served hot drinks for them and repeatedly advised them of proper diet and rest.

For a long time, the leadership of the party of SAGW has always considered blood donation as an important public welfare activity and given high attention and support. In advanced preparatory work, the labor union has elaborately planned on arranging buses and prepared breakfast and nutriment, which provided sufficient guarantee for the orderly implementation of the blood donation activities.

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