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SAGW Signed with GE Digital Group for Strategic Cooperation

On October 25th, led by Qian Xiangyang, the general manager of SAGW, Zhang Yuli, executive director of SAIC and Gao Yihua, vice general manager of the SAGW went to San Francisco to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with GE Digital Group. Both sides will have a long and deep cooperation in "intelligent manufacturing".

As the pilot project of SAGW and GED to carry out the "intelligent manufacturing" strategic cooperation, the heat treatment factory aims to build the "digital factory" model of SAGW with a purpose to establish the integrated system and realize the full automation of warehousing, logistics and ECM production line by following the principles of lean production as well as to further develop the digital model of process quality control and smart production scheduling and optimize the business by means of using the big data in manufacturing process. Dependent on this strategic cooperation, SAGW will strengthen cooperation with GED to learn its past experience and practice and to intensify implementation, so as to lay a solid foundation for the digital transformation of SAGW.

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