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Transverse Manual Transmission
Major features
.This series of transmission is of 2 shafts arrangement. The max torque is 330N.m .Each forward gear is designed with full synchronizer. The reverse gear is designed with half-synchronous. The control mechanism is integrated control cover assembly which enables more efficient and excellent shiftability
Major technical parameters


Model Center Distance Max. Efficiency Max. Input Torque Max. Input Revolution Net Weight Dimension (L x W x H)


63mm 95%


6000r/min 31kg


SH17M5/M6 67.5mm 95% 180N·m 6000r/min 35kg 399×531×429mm
SH20M6 76.5mm 95% 280N·m 6000r/min 48kg 395×530×439mm
SH36M6 87mm 95% 330N·m 6000r/min 63kg 541×379×464mm


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