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Infinitely variable speed and Drives green travel


     On the morning of September 29, saic's new transmission CVT280, the first hybrid transmission E-CVT mass production double production and the 500,000th CVT180 production ceremony was held in SAIC, Shandong. The successful rollout of the CVT family marks an important milestone, which is the result of deepening cooperation, optimizing product mix and promoting innovation and transformation between SAIC Passenger Vehicles and SAIC Transmission. It will also be a new starting point for the future development of both parties. Leaders from Shandong Fushan District, SAIC Passenger Vehicle and SAIC Transmission attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the products.

     Families of the referral of CVT, condensed the saic over three hundred engineers work, relying on SAGW transmission dozens of years' experience in design, manufacturing gearbox, integration of numerous domestic and foreign well-known supplier of spare parts, has been completely independent design and independent research and development, to fill the domestic CVT transmission in r&d and industrialization capability of blank, It represents a new height of China's automobile industry and powertrain technology. Among them, the company led the industrialization of the first generation of CVT automatic gearbox CVT180 in three years has achieved supporting SAIC passenger car MG ZS, Roewe RX3, Roewe I6, Roewe I5 and MG 5 and other models, widely recognized by customers, CVT180 has been produced 500,000 units. The new high-torque CVT automatic transmission product CVT280 has more accurate control and more agile response speed than other COMPETING CVT250 transmission products on the market. It will be first built on MG ONE. The measured indicators on MG ONE show that CVT280 can achieve 100% of the project target. Its comprehensive performance in the company's management in the process of test drive has been a good response. As the first HEV hybrid project of SAIC passenger car -- E-CVT hybrid endless transmission product, combined with the characteristics of CVT and power holding of P3 motor, it is a product with high performance, high efficiency and high NVH performance. Compared with traditional vehicle products, the fuel saving rate reaches 27%. It will also support export models of MG ZS.

    Saic passenger car business planning and project management department director Dr ZhuYong powertrain platform for the offline gave a high evaluation of CVT family of products, to care and help from all sides, and the project team together bear, not afraid of hard, overcome challenges, common to the product pay great efforts to express our heartfelt thanks to you for putting into production, at the same time, said: Vehicle sales are worth looking forward to at the same time, but also put forward a challenge for the follow-up work. We hope that the project team and supplier partners can work together to improve quality and capacity in an agile and fast pace to ensure that production needs are met.

    Company secretary of the party committee Zhou Yi speech, pointed out: looking back the development process, in the face of difficult development technology, cycle is short, and many other difficulties, saic passenger cars with SAGW slowly but surely and overcome difficult, a joint project team in order to ensure the quality of the product development and development progress and make unremitting efforts, breed new CVT family generation after generation. Based on the new starting point, SAIC Transmission will further adhere to the concept of customer-oriented, actively respond to customer needs, and truly fight for the success of customers! We look forward to working with all relevant parties to open up the next million new milepost and make more contributions to the reform of China's auto industry!

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