Process Turning and broaching of input carrier
Equipment Muratec lathe, NACHI broacher, MAKINO machining center
Introduction Turning, broaching, hole reaming of planetary carrier
Process ITW Burnishing and gaging of planetary gear
Equipment ITW
Introduction Burnishing, washing and gaging of planetary gear, cycle time 8 seconds
Process EOL test
Equipment EDU EOL tester
Introduction PHEV transmission EOL tester designed by SAGW to test low voltage system, hydraulic system, shifting system, parking system and motor
Process Washing, press-fit, preheat, welding, ultrasonic crack check and runout check of gear assemblies
Equipment CTG washing machine, Arnold welding machine, UMH preheater, OLYMPUS ultrasonic crack checker
Introduction Production line of washing, press-fit, preheat, welding, ultrasonic crack check and runout check after welding; automatic diagnosis of OK and NOK parts
Process Honing and chamfering of gears and shafts
Equipment GLEASON honing and chamfering machine
Introduction Rough honing-chamfering-fine honing process of gears
Process Teeth honing of shafts
Equipment Fassler honing machine
Introduction Teeth honing process after heat treatment
Process Chamfering and groove milling process of sleevesr
Equipment PRAWEMA sleeve machine
Introduction Chamfering, groove milling and deburring combined
Process Milling, chamfering and deburring process of dog gear
Equipment WERA dog gear machine
Introduction Profilator, chamfering and deburring process to improve accuracy and efficiency
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